Wishing For Spring



I took this photo early this week on my way to work. I knew exactly how I’d color it to fit the mood I was going for. It was the start of a warm couple of days and it makes me wish that Spring would make an appearance sooner rather than later.

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Wandering: 2015.01.06 (Part II)



As promised, here is the second part of the post I began yesterday. These are the photos I felt were the best of the bunch and worthy of their own post. Upon further review of the images there is most definitely a theme of “upward” in this set. Weird and unplanned but whatever. That’s just how I roll. Check ’em out below and let me know which your favorites are from both posts in the comments.

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Wandering: 2015.01.06 (Part I)



After a recent snowfall I had come to realize that I’ve never went out on a winter photo walk while living in Chicago. This seems a bit odd considering it seems like winter is 7 months out of the year but when the cold weather hits and the snow starts falling I really have no desire to go out into the howling winds and low temps once I am warm and cozy. I suppose all photographers feel like that at some point. Anyway, something must have crawled up my butt the other day because I finally ventured out and braved the weather to get some photos.

This is day one of a two-day post of photos from my outing. It’s a lot of the same places I went on my last photo walk during the fall. I wanted to stay close to home and revisit those familiar scenes to see them in a new light. Today’s post features the photos that I liked but didn’t quite “make the cut.” I figured I’d save the best for last and post my set of favorites tomorrow.

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