Roadkill Nights 2018


Olds Cutlass Snot Rocket Drag Car

I said that I was busy this past summer and one of the reasons was Jason (Kustom Persuasion) being invited to finish his build and race Snot Rocket at the Roadkill Nights 2018 street races in Pontiac, Michigan on August 11. I was a last-minute addition to the crew as a helping hand and photographer but I sure am glad I went along for the ride. Jason, Bernie and I rushed to finish the car on Friday (the day before the event) and it had all of the typical calamity that one would come to expect of us. The night before they were working hard and not getting too far with things. The next day I showed up and it was all hands on deck. Seriously, Jason was cutting up the hood and doing final adjustments just to get this pig onto the trailer. In typical dumb hillbilly fashion it started pouring rain during load up but Bernie and Jason soldiered on and made it work. We strapped it down, loaded up our things and hit the road. At last we were off to Pontiac to make our mark but not before covering the air cleaner with a taped-up grocery bag to protect it from the rain.

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