Vinyl Wednesday: Steel Panther – Feel The Steel



Colorful. Brash. Wild. Parody. Vulgar. Sexist.

There are many ways that one can describe Steel Panther. They are truly an honest-to-God love ’em or hate ’em style of band. I love them. Naners hates them. There’s no in-between with a lot of people. I went to see them while living in Chicago and they were awesome. They played all the raunchy jams that I hoped they would and it was full of faux 80s debauchery. It couldn’t have been any better.

I wasn’t always a huge fan of the band though. I remember when Jason (from Kustom Persuasion) would want to play me something from this album and I just couldn’t get into it. I didn’t listen to lyrics. I didn’t listen to the musicality. I just didn’t care. I’m not totally sure why it didn’t initially resonate with me but I eventually caught on. One day the clouds parted and I became enlightened and I will now forever annoy Nancy with their mysical stylings.

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