Upper Sandusky Autumn Cruise 2016: Round One



We’re back with another wonderful, colorful, sunny Autumn Cruise held in Upper Sandusky, OH. This year’s event took place on September 24. What started as an overcast, grey day turned into a hot, sunny and overall great summer day. Naners and I rode the bike while following Jason (Kustom Persuasion) and his family to the show. We also stopped off at a grain depot to check out their operation as it was their 100th anniversary. Good country stuff, right there. I didn’t shoot as many photos as last year and the selection seemed to be lacking a little bit. No matter. The cars were still bitchin’ and way out of my league. I still managed to snag some good shots and have a good time.

By the way… the picture above is Nancy’s hand after she got bit by the Harley. She was trying to help me lock up the helmets and she burnt her hand on the engine. Gotta be quick or else they’ll get ya! That’s ok though. She’s fine and there was a cool little scab to pick at for a while.

Anyway, I suppose you just want to see some car photos, right? Well hit the jump and check out some of the first edits.

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