Daily Drivers: Part 1



I’ve been hard at work on a new project lately. I decided I wanted to have a little fun with some digital illustration and I decided to take on the task of illustrating 10 “daily drivers.” These are your every day kinds of vehicles. Nothing too fancy, nothing too expensive. Just the kinds of things that you rely on to get you from point A to point B. When I think of a daily driver I think of a car from the 70’s or 80’s that has been through the ringer. The design of the vehicle will vary but usually it’s more utilitarian and chances are you’ve seen a whole bunch of these vehicles on the road.

The most difficult vehicle so far has been the Harley-Davidson. I knew it would be a test for me but I really didn’t think it would be as rough as it ended up being. Even though I simplified where I could for these illustrations it didn’t make it any quicker or easier. Hit the jump to see some larger versions of the above images and to see an alternate variety I started working on today.

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