Dreaming of Choppers



Worked on drawing up a little chopper graphic in Illustrator the other day. I felt it needed more than just some line art so I created a quick backdrop and voila!

Splitting Cells



I’m sitting at work and trying to create a logo for a school of Science & Health. This one has me stuck in a huge rut. I’m working on icons and elements to utilize and I happened to create a quick/simple/neat little graphic of some cells splitting. It doesn’t work for what I need but I found it nice enough to use play with and give my brain a break.

It’s got a bit of a scan-tron look going on. Takes me back to college and all the crappy tests we had to endure. It also screams America with all of that red, white and blue. GO USA!!!

FREEBIE: iPhone 6/6s Parallax Wallpaper



I’ve had my trusty iPhone 4 since February of 2012 and I really didn’t want to give it up. I love the size, weight and shape of the thing. To me, it’s just about the perfect cell phone. Well, I bought the thing when the iPhone 4s came out so it was already “old” when it reached my hands but this week I finally broke down and got a new phone. I had wanted to upgrade since the iPhone 6 was released but that whole unemployment thing kept me in the digital dark ages.

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Cleveland is the city where we come from…



In honor of Naners and I moving back to Cleveland, I had some inspiration yesterday and decided to make a little graphic. Nothing crazy here, just a little fun in Illustrator and Photoshop in between editing sets of photos.

I’m not quite sure where I got the initial inspiration from but I do remember seeing something similar to the basketball graphic and then I felt like creating something.


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I took on a bit of freelance work recently. While working on some editorial layouts a small story came along that needed a graphic about golf. I immediately wanted something simple with not a lot of color or too much detail. Above are three options I was playing with, ultimately deciding on the center design. Hit the jump to see some alternate versions that feature some funky patterns.

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Clyde May’s



Here’s a quick image I just made of a new bottle of whiskey that I bought today. I quickly hung up a black backdrop and set up two speedlights and away I went. I shot about 9 frames and I decided I had what I wanted. It’s nothing too complicated, just a bottle of liquor. I added a warm hue to the background to make it feel all nice and inviting for the upcoming fall season.