Weekend Rides // State Route 303



Saturday ended up being beautiful, so Ed and I headed down 303┬áto┬ávisit Bear’s in Ravenna. It was our second time at the shop, but our first time taking the bike and it ended up being a very successful trip. Ed found a seat, dipstick, and gas cap, and at the end of our visit his Mom showed up with her friends for a quick look around. They rode with us back down 303 until we got to Valley City, where we split off to take yet another ride down River Road.

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Weekend Rides // Columbia & River Road



A couple weekends ago, Ed and I headed out in the morning for a ride and it was pretty much totally a complete failure.


After heading into the city and encountering countless bad drivers, we headed back to the west side to try and find a place to make us a key. No dice.

Luckily, later in the day, we headed back out and found the ride we’d been looking for.

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