Friendly Woodland Critter Weekend



Nancy and I have been busy with feeding our animals lately. We still don’t have a dog but we do have squirrels and other animals that make our backyard their home.¬†On Saturday, one of our squirrel friends came by to visit us and as we were feeding him there were a lot of other critters that came out to play. In our excitement I figured I might as well bust out the zoom lens and see if I could get some decent photos. We saw a pretty varied wildlife¬†from our back door (for what we are used to seeing) and even managed to get some photos of a Red-bellied Woodpecker that stopped by for a minute or two. I saw both genders but only managed to get a few photos of the brighter colored of the two. We got the chance to visit with cardinals (male and female), bluejays, a bunch of finch’s, the two woodpeckers, some sparrows and a squirrel or two. I didn’t get photos of any cardinals but there should be a photo of just about everything else. There’s even a video of me feeding the squirrels at the end. Check it out!

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