Vinyl Wednesday: Steel Panther – Balls Out



Just like herpes, Steel Panther never truly goes away and here it is again, ready for round 2 with y’all!

This week’s release is 2011’s Balls Out and this is most definitely my favorite record by them. The sound, the songs and the whole attitude was untouchable. This album was the one that really made me a fan of this band.

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Vinyl Wednesday: Metallica – “Whiplash”



Bang your head against the stage – Like you never did before – Make it ring, make it bleed – Make it really sore – In a frenzied madness – With your leathers and your spikes – Heads are bobbing all around – It’s hot as hell tonight

Adrenaline starts to flow – You’re thrashing all around – Acting like a maniac – Whiplash

I snagged this record in that big box-o-metal that I bought a while back. I was flipping through the jackets and immediately noticed this and decided that I had to have it. And true to old-Metallica form, I am glad I got it because this little EP is a total monster!

Now, I didn’t happen to get the first pressing but that’s ok. It’s the 1985 reissue and it plays perfectly. Nancy and I have seen this record multiple times at Reckless Records in Chicago but the price was always really high. Like, $50+ kind of high. No thanks to that. Instead, I waited patiently and was eventually rewarded with it here. It’s only 4 tracks but it packs a hell of a wallop and it’s worth every penny spent toward it.

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Vinyl Wednesday: AC/DC – “Rock N Roll Train”



AC/DC is back on my mind recently. Naners and I were supposed to see them in Cleveland at the Q arena a couple weeks back but they have postponed the remaining 10 dates of their US tour and we are waiting to see what happens before we decide to keep the tickets or not. The rumors are that Axl Rose may end up being the replacement for the 10 dates and that is NOT something I want to see. So, in the spirit of wanting to hear some Brian Johnson-fronted tunes, I give you the 7″ single for the 2008 song “Rock N Roll Train” from the album Black Ice.

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Vinyl Wednesday: Christian Mistress – To Your Death



Christian Mistress is another band that I wasn’t very familiar with before actually receiving the album (just like Terror from last week). This album came in a 5-LP grab bag from Relapse Records that I ordered hoping to get lucky with. Well, I got what I wished for with this album.

Christian Mistress is a kind of old-school heavy metal band with a female singer. Full disclosure: I HATE female singers in bands most of the time. I just can’t get into it. I’m not knocking them and I think they have every right to be in the genre, I just don’t dig it. There are exceptions though, and this is one of them.

I had heard of this band from magazines and online sources but since I wasn’t already a fan I never really gave it any thought. Hell, I had probably seen this album advertised on Relapse’s website loads of times and thought, “That’s a cool album cover. I wonder if I’d like it.” but I never did anything about it. Shame on me. Cool tunes abound with this album. Also, it’s on silver vinyl as a part of Relapse’s 25th Anniversary!

To Your Death is an explosive riff machine. Real good tunes here. It has a bit of a raw sound (think Judas Priest late-70’s material) but it’s real clean and palatable. It rides the line between sounding like a demo from a modern band and a super-produced album from the 70’s. Totally cool stuff.

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Vinyl Wednesday: Terror – Legion of Gore




This is a pretty cool pick for Vinyl Wednesday. Terror, the Cleveland-based death/thrash metal band (not the LA-based hardcore band) comes out with a total rager at the end of 2015. Legion of Gore is a whopping 2 songs but they are totally killer. Re-recorded versions of demos that are 27 years old. Tell me, how can you beat that? I picked this up after seeing a post online from the fella who did backing vocals and I decided to give it a shot. I had heard of them but never listened to any of their tunes. I am now sad it’s taken me so long.

The artwork on the front cover is a painting by Antichrist Kramer entitled “Sanguimantic Heir To The Walachian Throne”. Yeah. How’s that for some weird shit? There is a pretty cool type treatment on the back jacket to check out too.

The vinyl is listed as Red & Black marble but it’s really a “merge” pressing. Not sure why the mix up.

Anyway, give it a look-see and then go out a buy your copy as quick as possible.

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Vinyl Wednesday: CKY – Volume 1



For my first Vinyl Wednesday post of 2016 I would like to start off with a simple, no-frills record. CKY’s 1999 album Volume 1. Fairly straight-forward rock tunes with no packaging gimmicks or anything. Just a jacket with a colored vinyl record.

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Vinyl Wednesday: Poison Idea/Pantera – The Badge



The featured vinyl this week is another choice cut from my 7-Inch Series project: the Poison Idea and Pantera split from Record Store Day 2014. “The Badge” was originally written and recorded by Poison Idea for their 1990 album Feel The Darkness and Pantera covered the song on the 1994 soundtrack to the movie The Crow.

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