Friday Favorites: Reggie



Look at that mug! How can a person not instantly love this big guy?

Here’s the story on Reggie: I was staying at a friends place in 2010, just visiting and hanging out with a guy I hadn’t spent much time with since we moved out of the same college dorm building some years before. He took in this dog from his boss or something and I think I had only briefly had the pleasure of being around him before. Now I was rooming with Reggie for a week and I had plenty of time to get to know him.

Animals are notoriously hard to photograph. Reggie proved to be no different in this regard. While I was sitting around planning my day I had my camera out and decided to try my hand at getting some simple portraits of him. I think I shot 20 frames and maybe 3 came out decently. This was one of those 3. Since it was just Reggie and I sitting int he living room it was pretty hard to get him to sit still and listen to me. My buddy was gone for an early shift at work and I had no clue where his treats were. Oh well, lessons learned. It’s a good thing that all you need from a shoot (no matter how big or small) is one good raise of the shutter. This photo is that.

Reggie is showing so much personality here and this photo always appeared to be of a mugshot of an awesome dog who had a great night out on the town. The straight-on angle, the rugged lines in his face, the stern eyes… it all amounts to a good representation of what this dog is really all about.

Reggie on Empty Seats