God Forbid – IV: Constitution of Treason


God Forbid’s fourth full-length album IV: Constitution of Treason was released on September 20, 2005 by Century Media and peaked at #118 on the Billboard 200 music chart. Three music videos were made to support the album and many fans still point to this album as being their favorite within the GF discography. In 2008, a DVD titled Beneath the Scars of Glory and Progression was released that featured a live concert filmed in their home state of New Jersey full of songs from the Constitution album cycle as well as a documentary chronicling the history of the band to that point. The vinyl release for this album was a German/European limited edition picture disc released by Bastardized Recordings.

Personally, I love this album. It isn’t my favorite album the band released (Earthsblood holds that slot) but it is definitely up there with the best they have to offer. Filled to the brim with “classic” metalcore sounds and riffs, this album holds it’s own with any of the more established releases from that time period. It’s a concept album that doesn’t sound like a concept album and the story is about a future society that destroys itself, builds back up again, and then destroys itself again because it couldn’t learn from it’s own history. Written during the Bush political era, perhaps this album could be more relevant now than when it was released.

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Vinyl Wednesday: Iron Maiden – Wasted Years



Back in the saddle again and this time I ride with the mighty steed by the name of Iron Maiden. This is one of those random records I got in the collection that I recently purchased. I’m slowly making my way through listening to all of the goodies but this was something I made a point to listen to early on.

Now, I’m not a huge Iron Maiden fan. As a matter of fact, I would almost say I don’t like them at all. The truth is that I love covers of their music but I don’t necessarily love when I hear them play it. It’s a bit goofy but it is what it is. What I DO love about Iron Maiden is all of the fantastic imagery that they’ve utilized throughout their career.The evolution of Eddie is absolutely top-notch and something that any fan of album art can really get lost in.

You may be asking yourself why I was excited to obtain this picture disc and why I made it a priority to listen to this record if I’m not a fan of theirs. Fair enough and the answer is simple: I just really like this song. This is one of the Maiden songs that I don’t care who plays it. It’s just that damned good.

This is a two-song shaped picture disc so there isn’t a lot to really talk about. The shape is unique, the art is on point (as usual) and the photo of the band on the B-side is worth the asking price for this on any day. Check it out!

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