What’s Old is New


Over the past winter, I (along with a few of my trusted buddies) embarked on a long journey to spruce up the Sportster that I got last summer. There was nothing actually wrong with it other than a battery cable that snapped in half but I really disliked the color of the thing and the really ugly, hand-painted cancer ribbon on the back fender. There was actually a fairly neat painting on the rear fender as well but it was always obscured by the big seat so it had to go too. Out with the old and in with the new. Continue reading

Things I Love Thursdays // 12.29



I made this the other week and it was SO GOOD.

These are cute, but anything with heels gives me anxiety.

I plan on imitating this nightstand makeover.

Done with you, Winter. I want to go ride.

Chair envy.

Goal: Have a place big enough for entertaining so I don’t have to drive everywhere.

The Final (Good) Ride of Fall



I took a day off of work a little while back and went on a ride with Garry. I didn’t have anywhere specific in mind as to where I wanted to go but of course Garry knew exactly where to go. He’s like human atlas for these Ohio roads. We met up on Rt. 20 and then rode through Oberlin and a few other small towns on our way to some park down in a valley. It was pretty awesome but I couldn’t ever get back there if I had to. I honestly had no clue where I was. Before we left I decided to take our bikes over to a walking path to snag some photos with some of the fall foliage. After the photos we hopped back on the bikes and made our way over to Huron to end up by the lake and then into Sandusky where we filled up my tank and parted ways. I rode back to Cleveland and he went on to Clyde to meet up with my mom and go riding along the lake again. He’s a busy dude, obviously.

Photos of the bikes as well as our two main stops are below.

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Weekend Rides // State Route 303



Saturday ended up being beautiful, so Ed and I headed down 303 to visit Bear’s in Ravenna. It was our second time at the shop, but our first time taking the bike and it ended up being a very successful trip. Ed found a seat, dipstick, and gas cap, and at the end of our visit his Mom showed up with her friends for a quick look around. They rode with us back down 303 until we got to Valley City, where we split off to take yet another ride down River Road.

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Weekend Rides // Columbia & River Road



A couple weekends ago, Ed and I headed out in the morning for a ride and it was pretty much totally a complete failure.


After heading into the city and encountering countless bad drivers, we headed back to the west side to try and find a place to make us a key. No dice.

Luckily, later in the day, we headed back out and found the ride we’d been looking for.

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Getting Out There



Nancy and I have been on the bike a lot lately. And by a lot I mean just about every chance we get. If it’s not raining then there is a good chance we are riding somewhere. All of the rides aren’t necessarily long. Mostly just rolling around our normal areas, maybe 20-40 miles. Last weekend, however, we went back to Clyde and then to the Upper Sandusky car show. Fun times were definitely had. More on that later. For now, just check out some photos I took of the bike as test shots before the show. Also included are some recent Instagram photos and a map of the ride to/from the car show.

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