Ride or Die


Chicago White Sox Ride or Run Shirt

I placed an order for this shirt tonight after my main man Billy requested a design a few weeks ago and I promptly obliged. It may have taken a bit longer than I wanted to get them ordered but whatever, we’ll have them in time for baseball season.

The design/text stems from the White Sox being spurned by former free agent Manny Machado and a then tweet by current Sox player Tim Anderson that read “You either ride with us or get run over.” Too good to pass up, yeah? Bilbo will be rocking this shirt this season at The Cell or whatever the hell they call the south side field these days.

Cleveland is the city where we come from…



In honor of Naners and I moving back to Cleveland, I had some inspiration yesterday and decided to make a little graphic. Nothing crazy here, just a little fun in Illustrator and Photoshop in between editing sets of photos.

I’m not quite sure where I got the initial inspiration from but I do remember seeing┬ásomething similar to the basketball graphic and then I felt like creating something.


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