A bit of boredom this morning got me playing with gradients in Illustrator. Color is always something I’m working on getting better at and this just came out to be one of those random sessions where I try something new. I didn’t know what to make but this is what turned up. Kind of looks like an old hard-disk. Weird.

Cranium Case



Jason over at Kustom Persuasion worked up a helmet for me about a year or two ago and I’ve finally gotten around to taking some photos of it. I handed him faded-white 30 year old helmet with a weird checker pattern stripe and he presented me with this colorful monstrosity. Look at the patterns and colors on this thing. Ridiculous, right?

It’s a wonderful example of old-school kustom painting work. I told him he could do whatever he wanted and he went with it. Sunburst, lace, gradients and more. Real cool stuff. I honestly didn’t know what to think of it when he first showed me but it grew on me the more I used it. It’s unique and I like that about it. There are certainly no other people around my area of Cleveland that are rocking anything like it.

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