Happy Friday // 04.08



Enzo and Cass are on a roll this week. They debuted on Monday Night Raw and were guests on the Stone Cold Steve Austin Unleashed podcast on Thursday. And you can’t teach that!

Is it Spring? Are you sure?

We watched Major League this week, brought on by the home opener happening here in Cleveland. Mostly, though, I wanted to hear Lou say my favorite line and hear the guy singing in this clip.

Super tempted to make this sold out necklace.

On a similar note, I have all the supplies to make this necklace holder.

Did you know you can use google to set a timer?

This week on the blog:

Goodbye March. 70 Days to Go.

Vinyl Wednesday: Aerosmith – Get A Grip

Things I Love Thursdays // 04.07

Happy Friday // 02.12


We were in Clyde the past two weekends visiting family — I’ll definitely miss the wood burner as the temperatures dip this weekend. I plan on staying inside under blankets or, if I dare wander out into the cold, doing a little shopping.

I’ve been eating a lot of rice lately, but I’ve yet to try this to make it easier to prepare. Mostly because I’m too lazy to make a larger batch. That makes sense, right?

I’m excited and nervous and excited.

Dogs are the best. #15 is my favorite.

Please watch this and then find all the Jordan Schlansky videos you can because they’re amazing.

These desktop wallpapers look so soft and cozy. And these make me want spring to get here like now.

I purchased this backpack yesterday. I’ve been needing a new bag that will fit a laptop safely and I’m hoping this fits the bill!

Do you live like a creative?

Dear 1990s, I miss you. Like a lot. Love, Nancy.