Before/After: Retouching A High-End Condo



I took on another real estate retouching project this week and I thought I’d share some of the images with y’all. Let me first give a little background to the project: I did not shoot the photos myself. I am given the photos from the photographer’s marketing team. The only lighting for the photos is what is presented at the home at the time of shooting. No strobes, umbrellas, reflectors or soft-boxes. Just windows and the lights within the home.

The process I use to edit these photos is to create a hand-made HDR (high-dynamic range) photo within Photoshop. I am presented with anywhere from 1–6 exposures of a specific angle and I blend them into one cohesive, high-quality image. Lots of clicking of the mouse and lots of soft, flowing masks are used within Photoshop. It’s a lot of work and it quickly becomes tedious but it can result in some quality images.

My process only uses two applications: Bridge and Photoshop. I am normally a Lightroom junkie but I find that Bridge allows me greater freedom when organizing the shots that I want and that saves me a lot of time. I simply edit each image in the RAW editor (within Bridge) and then transfer them into Photoshop to do the heavy masking and blending.

I’ve included the unedited exposures that I was given to show what goes into creating the final image. Hit the jump to see some of the goodness that was produced.

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I took on a bit of freelance work recently. While working on some editorial layouts a small story came along that needed a graphic about golf. I immediately wanted something simple with not a lot of color or too much detail. Above are three options I was playing with, ultimately deciding on the center design. Hit the jump to see some alternate versions that feature some funky patterns.

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Working Hard



I’m about halfway through editing on the first house of my two house set. I just thought I’d give you fine people on the internet a view into what these finished shots look like. Each photo is a blend of 4-5 exposures to make one fancy final image.

Hand-made HDR photos. Even though these are FAR from perfect, programs just can’t compete with this technique. Trust me, I’ve tried.

A Long Weekend Ahead



I’ve been keeping busy lately. After the amount of work I do during the day I usually just want to come home and relax, and that usually goes double for the weekends but his weekend I opted for a little extra work and picked up some freelance photo retouching from my old stomping grounds. They got ahold of me and asked if I’d be willing and I jumped at the chance. Then they asked if I’d add a second set of photos onto the weekend and I took those as well.

It’s going to be a long weekend but that’s alright. More cash to play with. There’s always another record to buy and another tattoo to get.