CTA Typeface Update



I made a few changes to my recent “CTA” typeface. “What have you done?” you may ask. Well, I added some new glyphs, tweaked some spacing and did other stuff on the back-end to make it just a little better. Everything on the image above is available within this typeface. Get it while the gettin’s good. Click the image above or the link below to get the updated font files.

Download CTA typeface here

Now available: CTA




I have a little treat for y’all this morning. I finished the CTA font that I had been working on last week and it is now available for download. It was a rough one at times but very fun and worth it when I see it typed out in a final form. It’s an all-caps typeface that is meant for display/headline settings and it has a kind of retro, 1920’s vibe about it. And look at that ampersand! I lusted after that glyph for too long. Sooo good. Click that image at the top or the link below to start the download. If you happen to notice anything weird then hit me back up and I can always tweak it until it’s perfect.

Download CTA here (includes .ttf and .otf)

Latest work: CTA



Since I moved to this city in 2012 I have seen this typeface in the train stations across the city and I have wanted it badly. It’s not at every station and it seems that it’s being taken away more and more as the years go by because of construction and refurbishing the platforms. Finally, last December I finally set out to photograph all the examples of it that I could find and then create the thing myself (see here). So I went to all the stations that would have it, I took all the photos I could and then what? I sat on my ass and didn’t create the thing, that’s what.

Well, I finally got the time and motivation necessary to whip this bad boy into shape so I’ve been spending the better portion of the last two days creating letters, numbers and punctuation and now I’m onto the actual typeface creation part of it. It’s probably my least favorite part of the process because it’s essentially just coding the damn thing up but it’s a necessary step and it’s going smooth so far.

I’ll provide more details soon but for now you can hit the jump and check out two more images of the letters.

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