Dreaming of Choppers



Worked on drawing up a little chopper graphic in Illustrator the other day. I felt it needed more than just some line art so I created a quick backdrop and voila!

Splitting Cells



I’m sitting at work and trying to create a logo for a school of Science & Health. This one has me stuck in a huge rut. I’m working on icons and elements to utilize and I happened to create a quick/simple/neat little graphic of some cells splitting. It doesn’t work for what I need but I found it nice enough to use play with and give my brain a break.

It’s got a bit of a scan-tron look going on. Takes me back to college and all the crappy tests we had to endure. It also screams America with all of that red, white and blue. GO USA!!!

Daily Drivers



Over the weekend I was finally able to finish the Daily Drivers series of digital illustrations that I had been working on for the last couple weeks. The goal was to create some nice, flat-color illustrations of vehicles that are the workhorses of the road. Vehicles that are often overlooked and used in a more utilitarian fashion. I chose 10 different types of vehicles, each one coming from a different manufacturer. The categories were (left to right, top to bottom): SUV, Classic, Wagon, Sedan, Hatchback, Muscle, Pickup, Bicycle, Motorcycle, Scooter. Hit the jump to see larger versions, some of my favorite details, a patriotic variation and a poster showcasing it all.

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