The Final (Good) Ride of Fall



I took a day off of work a little while back and went on a ride with Garry. I didn’t have anywhere specific in mind as to where I wanted to go but of course Garry knew exactly where to go. He’s like human atlas for these Ohio roads. We met up on Rt. 20 and then rode through Oberlin and a few other small towns on our way to some park down in a valley. It was pretty awesome but I couldn’t ever get back there if I had to. I honestly had no clue where I was. Before we left I decided to take our bikes over to a walking path to snag some photos with some of the fall foliage. After the photos we hopped back on the bikes and made our way over to Huron to end up by the lake and then into Sandusky where we filled up my tank and parted ways. I rode back to Cleveland and he went on to Clyde to meet up with my mom and go riding along the lake again. He’s a busy dude, obviously.

Photos of the bikes as well as our two main stops are below.

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