Roadkill Nights 2018


Olds Cutlass Snot Rocket Drag Car

I said that I was busy this past summer and one of the reasons was Jason (Kustom Persuasion) being invited to finish his build and race Snot Rocket at the Roadkill Nights 2018 street races in Pontiac, Michigan on August 11. I was a last-minute addition to the crew as a helping hand and photographer but I sure am glad I went along for the ride. Jason, Bernie and I rushed to finish the car on Friday (the day before the event) and it had all of the typical calamity that one would come to expect of us. The night before they were working hard and not getting too far with things. The next day I showed up and it was all hands on deck. Seriously, Jason was cutting up the hood and doing final adjustments just to get this pig onto the trailer. In typical dumb hillbilly fashion it started pouring rain during load up but Bernie and Jason soldiered on and made it work. We strapped it down, loaded up our things and hit the road. At last we were off to Pontiac to make our mark but not before covering the air cleaner with a taped-up grocery bag to protect it from the rain.

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Snot Rocket’s Big Block


The time finally came when the Snot Rocket lost it’s propulsion system. I suppose it’s going to happen with any drag car; a thrown piston, a wreck or SOMETHING will cause a catastrophic failure and a new engine will be needed to get the vehicle down the road again. This time it was some bent push rods and an offset valve or two (I think). Regardless of the problems, the 350 V8 is toast and a big block Chevy engine is the new hotness.

I rode the motorcycle to Clyde two weeks ago with every intention of taking photos of Bernie and Jason while they worked at this new engine. Of course something comes up and I spent hours toiling away at my motorcycle and didn’t make it out to the shop. Well, last week I was at Kustom Persuasion working on my hunk-of-junk El Camino and I managed to snag some photos of the two mad scientists still hard at work on that big block. Bernie takes care of the big block Chevy engine that will be replacing the 350 and Jason was working on the interior of Snot Rocket while also tending to my needs when I needed the help. This El Camino is turning into it’s own saga but I don’t really want to get into that. Instead, just peep some photos of Bernie and J-Money. I can honestly say I miss taking photos at the shop. Every angle is a challenge and the lighting is always absolute shit. That means more time in post-production but it’s always worth it as their beautiful mugs are sure to light up your day. Check em out below! Continue reading