Meet The Black Beast



I bought a motorcycle earlier this week. It may not be the most practical, comfortable or smart decision I’ve made since moving back to Ohio but it is something I needed. Transportation is key to getting around here and motorcycles are cheaper to own/run so that’s what I went for.

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Friday Favorites: On The Job



I love black & white photography of construction scenes. I just realized this as I sat down to remember when I took this but this photo was taken the same day as my first Friday Favorite except they were about 4 hours apart and felt like completely different days by the time this was taken. To quickly recap, I was out shooting some city scenes for a freelance gig and I shot the previous photo around 7:30-8 in the morning. Maybe earlier, maybe later… I can’t really remember. Anyway, after shooting some photos of the stuff they actually wanted I grabbed some lunch and went about getting more photos. This was the last location I visited. I was tasked with shooting a condo building in the process of being built. It was odd but the photo came out well.

The location was a bit further away than the other spots so I wandered over toward the locale and just snapped some pictures as I went. This was a scene that I spotted from across the street and I just hunkered down and waited for some guys to appear. I really wish that there were one or two more guys in the photo or at the least have the guys interacting with each other but it is what it is and I like it despite what I consider to be shortcomings.

I’ve always been very fascinated by industry and the rugged types of people that work with the heavy equipment and perform back-breaking labor. To capture just a little bit of that here is pretty neat. I also love the detail in the image. There’s a lot going on in the scene. Lots of materials (fence, concrete, wood, steel bar), soft edges and hard edges, roundness and softness, lights and darks and even the people are slightly different.

On The Job at Empty Seats photoblog