Ride or Die


Chicago White Sox Ride or Run Shirt

I placed an order for this shirt tonight after my main man Billy requested a design a few weeks ago and I promptly obliged. It may have taken a bit longer than I wanted to get them ordered but whatever, we’ll have them in time for baseball season.

The design/text stems from the White Sox being spurned by former free agent Manny Machado and a then tweet by current Sox player Tim Anderson that read “You either ride with us or get run over.” Too good to pass up, yeah? Bilbo will be rocking this shirt this season at The Cell or whatever the hell they call the south side field these days.


Vinyl Wednesday: 3 Inches of Blood – Long Live Heavy Metal



It has been a LONG time since I did a proper Vinyl Wednesday post. Actually, it’s been a full 6 months and that’s a bit excessive. I guess that’s what happens when you move, get a new motorcycle and end up spending most of the summer outside on it. Unfortunately, it’s going to be one more week before I completely start to get back into the groove.

The photo above is from my latest attempt at getting some decent lighting set up in the upstairs of our house. I think it’s beginning to get where I want it. I don’t love it but it’s a start and that’s good enough for now. Keep your peepers peeled for a full post with multiple photos next week.

Vinyl Wednesday: CKY – Volume 1



For my first Vinyl Wednesday post of 2016 I would like to start off with a simple, no-frills record. CKY’s 1999 album Volume 1. Fairly straight-forward rock tunes with no packaging gimmicks or anything. Just a jacket with a colored vinyl record.

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Moving Back



It’s official. Nancy and I are moving back to Ohio on the 25th of April. We are looking to end up in the Cleveland-area and as of right now we have no place to live. It should be a fun journey and frankly we are both glad to be putting Chicago behind us. I still love parts of the city but I no longer have any desire to live here. I’ve tried it for about 4 years now and we are both ready to just get back to family, friends and driving ourselves around instead of riding buses and trains. I think Nancy feels the same way about a lot of the same, small things. We both want more space and we are just kind of over the living situations here. Time to move on to new adventures!

I was going for a Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies title card kind of vibe with the graphic above. It has a fun, old feel about it so I grunged it up a bit and that was it. Simple, fun stuff. Hit the jump to see a few other options I was working on.

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Vinyl Wednesday: Poison Idea/Pantera – The Badge



The featured vinyl this week is another choice cut from my 7-Inch Series project: the Poison Idea and Pantera split from Record Store Day 2014. “The Badge” was originally written and recorded by Poison Idea for their 1990 album Feel The Darkness and Pantera covered the song on the 1994 soundtrack to the movie The Crow.

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