Things I Love Thursdays // 02.02



This looks SO cozy.

Vans, grey, denim, black sweater, love.

Gorgeous. (All the photos on are gorgeous).

In a Deftones kind of mood.

All the colors!

Adobe Creative Suite Pillows




A little while back Ed saw these pillows for sale online and asked me how difficult it would be to make them. I didn’t think it’d be too hard, we’d just need to figure out the letters. We then filed it away in our minds.


That link is from 2009, but we can’t remember how long ago it was that this idea originated. Suffice to say this project has been in the making for awhile. We purchased the fabric last year after moving into our current place. When I realized we’d need to wash the fabric before we went any further, things stalled again, as paying to wash extra loads of laundry in no way approaches our list of things we enjoy. The rest of the hang ups were mostly my doing. Pulling out the sewing machine is tedious and I was super nervous about sewing on the letters. Super nervous.


If you search the interwebs you can find tutorials to make these pillows, however we ended up just winging it. Ed made me the plans for the letters, which ended up needing lots of ironing and basting and finally lots of pinning down to stop them from stretching.

They turned out pretty well (InDesign is my favorite) and even though I look at them and see all the mistakes and can’t help making mental lists of what I’d do differently, Ed assures me they’re good. And hey, we have pillows on our couch now that aren’t bed pillows! They’ve also got me dragging the sewing machine out more often to get more things done. Checking a project off the list is apparently the best motivation.


Productive Weekends



While Ed was locked away in the bedroom, working hard (interruptions frowned upon), I ended up getting a lot done on my own. After a trip to the store, I pulled out the sewing machine to work on a project that was long overdue. Hopefully I’ll wrap that up next weekend. With my main project as far as it could get without another store visit, I also managed to fix a pair of awkwardly fitting jeans. Score!


I also desperately need to finish some knitting that Ed has been bugging me about for over a year, so I started that back up again. I’m a horrible girlfriend. Beyond that we managed to make lasagna for the first time, which made us feel like real adults. I’m super excited to have some hiding away in the freezer for another night on top of the large portions we ate Saturday and Sunday night. Sadly, even after a successful afternoon of weekday lunch cooking, I never feel prepared to go back to work Monday morning. I can still think of a dozen things to get done around here instead.