I came across this super old photo (2008-07-14) today while playing around in Lightroom and I decided I’d give it some edits and see what could be done with it. Nothing crazy, just wanted to see if I could get some detail in the water/rocks. It kind of worked. Well, it worked as much as possible when shot with an old Canon Rebel and in JPG format and not RAW. Whatever. You be the judge.

Rolling With The Punches



Part two of my story ended with me finally getting to take the bike back to Cleveland and fun times were had by all. That is until just a few days later when I went on a quick ride to Nancy’s cousins place.

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Nancy and I are back in Ohio for a week. She has some training to accomplish at the downtown Cleveland office of her company and I am continuing my hunt for full-time employment. The weather hasn’t been great but it was fine when driving here and it’s not snowing (like in Chicago). I am super bored and that is becoming a problem. I got a little work done yesterday while visiting Kent but I wish I had more to do. Little edits to a project here and there aren’t filling my day.

I was also able to visit a really random record shop while in Ravenna yesterday. The same old dude is still behind the counter and he has so many 50s–80s rock records. Nothing super rare or awesome but I was able to pick out two to purchase. Last time I was there (6 years ago) I got a Motley Crue LP. It’s a really odd place but the prices are good and there are a lot of records to look through. A good way to waste an hour or so in a small town.

I think the rest of the week will be spent looking for jobs, apartments and relaxing. We’ll most likely hit up Clyde on Friday night and roll back to Illinois some time Saturday. Long week followed by a long weekend. Not ideal but it has been fun so far.