Mushroomhead – Superbuick



Dude, these dudes are on acid… Everything’s like subliminal and all mixed-tunes and shit. It’s weird, man. 

Mushroomhead’s second full-length album Superbuick was released in 1996 and is commonly referred to as being the band’s greatest work. Featuring familiar elements that carry over from the first album along with some new twists and turns, Superbuick is another trip down the dark, cracked and bleary streets of Cleveland, Ohio. Utilizing biting guitars, crisp piano playing, various TV & movie snippets and the unmistakable growl and shriek of co-singers J Mann and Jeffrey Nothing, Mushroomhead spend 46-minutes in the odd world of avant garde metal music that they know all too well.

If Mushroomhead’s first album was the kind-of-fun, hillbilly-house-party rave, then Superbuick is the post-date-rape, wake up feeling groggy not knowing where you are, trapped in a box in a cellar, soundtrack to a murder scene. This album definitely has a sinister overtone to it all. Somebody is having fun but it definitely isn’t the victim.

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Mushroomhead – Mushroomhead



We are about to take you into world of the LSD user.

The opening line of this album sets the tone for the whole crazy, fucked-up ride to come. Full of avant-garde, artistic, heavy music; this album is the combination of many different styles and many different local, musical personalities. Cleveland, Ohio’s Mushroomhead released their self-titled album in 1995, initially on their own label Filthy Hands Records. I didn’t hear this album until 2003 but when I finally sat down with it, the songs would never fully leave my rotating playlist again. This album is an odd mashing together of songs with various TV/movie/talking clips that truly sets a unique tone for this band that they would follow into the new millennium. Many people point to their second album, Superbuick, as their “best” work but for me, they will never top this album.

The vinyl release for this album was something I wanted for a very long time and in 2016 they finally obliged. Available only at their concerts (or local Cleveland shops if you are lucky), this album is on blue vinyl and features revised front/back artwork. The original CD artwork in 1995 was very similar but it lacked the vintage, beat-up look around the edges of the jacket. MRH also reissued the album in 2002 with an altogether different look.

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Vinyl Wednesday: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – The Collection, Volume One




I LOVE early Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. Like, definitely more than any weird, country-bred, heavy metal-loving white boy should love them. The music just has this wonderful flow that I can’t get out of my head for days. The Collection, Volume One is filled with some of my favorite tunes of theirs. From classic Bone Thugs hits to some of their well known collaborations, this compilation sounds great and delivers on all other fronts.

I got this record as a gift for taking engagement photos for my cousin and her fiancé back in the summer of 2015. I had a lot of fun making the photos with them and I was really glad to see the photos get used during the wedding and reception. I made a blog post about those photos here: Rose & Jay’s Big Day Out. I highly suggest you check it out. Anyway, they were kind enough to snag this record for me as a thank you. I was not expecting this at all as I didn’t ask for any type of payment for the work I had done. One day I came to their house and they handed me this box. I knew it was a record from the shape but when I opened it and saw this cover I was shocked. Even though we live in Bone Thugs’ hometown it’s still amazingly rare to see any of their vinyl other than Greatest Hits Volume 1 & 2. I had never even seen or heard of this LP before but when I turned it over to check out the track listing I was blown away by all the good tunes that were on it. SCORE!

It has a promo corner-cut but that’s ok. No harm done in this case. The record plays fine, sounds good and is one of the things I grab the most when I am in a Bone Thugs mood.

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Friendly Woodland Critter Weekend



Nancy and I have been busy with feeding our animals lately. We still don’t have a dog but we do have squirrels and other animals that make our backyard their home. On Saturday, one of our squirrel friends came by to visit us and as we were feeding him there were a lot of other critters that came out to play. In our excitement I figured I might as well bust out the zoom lens and see if I could get some decent photos. We saw a pretty varied wildlife from our back door (for what we are used to seeing) and even managed to get some photos of a Red-bellied Woodpecker that stopped by for a minute or two. I saw both genders but only managed to get a few photos of the brighter colored of the two. We got the chance to visit with cardinals (male and female), bluejays, a bunch of finch’s, the two woodpeckers, some sparrows and a squirrel or two. I didn’t get photos of any cardinals but there should be a photo of just about everything else. There’s even a video of me feeding the squirrels at the end. Check it out!

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Vinyl Wednesday: Terror – Legion of Gore




This is a pretty cool pick for Vinyl Wednesday. Terror, the Cleveland-based death/thrash metal band (not the LA-based hardcore band) comes out with a total rager at the end of 2015. Legion of Gore is a whopping 2 songs but they are totally killer. Re-recorded versions of demos that are 27 years old. Tell me, how can you beat that? I picked this up after seeing a post online from the fella who did backing vocals and I decided to give it a shot. I had heard of them but never listened to any of their tunes. I am now sad it’s taken me so long.

The artwork on the front cover is a painting by Antichrist Kramer entitled “Sanguimantic Heir To The Walachian Throne”. Yeah. How’s that for some weird shit? There is a pretty cool type treatment on the back jacket to check out too.

The vinyl is listed as Red & Black marble but it’s really a “merge” pressing. Not sure why the mix up.

Anyway, give it a look-see and then go out a buy your copy as quick as possible.

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