Friday Favorites: Epic Parking Sign



This image is Naners’ favorite image (I think) from our 2010 trip to Mobile, AL. I know she liked it enough to want it printed out and hung up in our house. To me, that must mean she digs on it pretty hard. Anyway, the image above is actually a reimagining of a previous edit. My original edit of this photo always left a lot to be desired in my eyes. It had huge blown out bits, wasn’t overly colorful and just had a different feel. Each one has it’s charm though. The other edit, which can be seen on the Empty Seats blog has a bit more of a “summer fun” kind of vibe. Washed out, sun-kissed and like stepping out into the sun from a dark room.

I don’t remember much about taking this photo other than we were walking around the city and I saw it and snapped an image. A hunch tells me this probably appeared shortly into our venture into the city after sleeping in my car the previous night. We woke up, drove into town, parked and then walked the morning away. Good stuff. We saw lots of cool things that day with this amazing sign being one of the first.

I had to re-edit this photo because I just didn’t have the original data that contained the adjustments I made the first time through. I could have gotten those adjustments but I felt like giving it another go and this is what I came up with. Click the image above to see it much larger. Click the link below to see the original image over at Empty Seats. Take a minute and let me know which version you prefer in the comments.

Epic Parking Sign on Empty Seats

Wandering: 2015.01.06 (Part II)



As promised, here is the second part of the post I began yesterday. These are the photos I felt were the best of the bunch and worthy of their own post. Upon further review of the images there is most definitely a theme of “upward” in this set. Weird and unplanned but whatever. That’s just how I roll. Check ’em out below and let me know which your favorites are from both posts in the comments.

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Long Exposure Sunrise



Last weekend Nancy and I decided to get up early and head over to the lake to test out some neutral density filters that I recently acquired. I wanted to see about getting a sunrise image with the lake, some rocky foreground and some kind of a pier (or something in the water) all in a shot. I knew where to go, had an idea of what time to get up and leave and I had all the tools I would need. The only problem was that I just had never done this before.

It wasn’t hard or anything it’s more that I didn’t realize just how bright and overpowering the sun would be at 5:10 am with some slight cloud cover. It was rough but I overcame. I quickly realized that I wouldn’t be able to get my shutter speed as low as I wanted so I started doing some filter stacking and eventually came out with some photos that were good. I don’t necessarily love them but I think they are good for a first attempt. Next time I will be trying for a sunset image. I’ll probably set up at the same place and try it all again.

Hit the jump to see some color and black & white shots. Click the photo to see a larger version.

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