Ride or Die


Chicago White Sox Ride or Run Shirt

I placed an order for this shirt tonight after my main man Billy requested a design a few weeks ago and I promptly obliged. It may have taken a bit longer than I wanted to get them ordered but whatever, we’ll have them in time for baseball season.

The design/text stems from the White Sox being spurned by former free agent Manny Machado and a then tweet by current Sox player Tim Anderson that read “You either ride with us or get run over.” Too good to pass up, yeah? Bilbo will be rocking this shirt this season at The Cell or whatever the hell they call the south side field these days.

Vinyl Wednesday: Bucker & Garcia – Pac-Man Fever



M-m-m-mousetrap, mousetrap — Cheese was the bait.
Won’t somebody help me — Before it’s too late?

I was woefully ignorant of Buckner & Garcia before one fateful trip to Cincinnati in early 2009. I grew up on the tail-end of the 80s arcade revolution. Did I go to some video game arcades in my youth? Yeah, I did. Did I sit around with friends and pump quarters into the machines trying to get a high score? Nope. Not even close. I grew up with Nintendo and Sega dominating the landscape of digital gaming. Arcades were already a passing phase once I was old enough to really enjoy them so it’s no wonder that I hadn’t heard of Buckner & Garcia and their minor hit “Pac-Man Fever” before 2009.

Released in December 1981, the title track of the album steadily rose on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, finally reaching #9 in March of 1982. The single sold over 1.2 million copies by the end of 1982 and over 2.5 million copies by the end of 2008. That. Is. Ridiculous.

The album Pac-Man Fever was released in January of 1982 and went on to sell over 1.2 million copies by the end of 1982. That’s pretty impressive for an album made up of songs based around arcade games. We’re not talking about the highest form of music-making here. The songs are decent and sound effects from each respective game are present, which I suppose was pretty cool and probably one of the selling points of the album. It is, at the least, a fun bit of nostalgia to bring out and listen to once a year. It surely gets me hyped up to play some Frogger and Centipede whenever I listen to it.

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Before/After: Retouching A High-End Condo



I took on another real estate retouching project this week and I thought I’d share some of the images with y’all. Let me first give a little background to the project: I did not shoot the photos myself. I am given the photos from the photographer’s marketing team. The only lighting for the photos is what is presented at the home at the time of shooting. No strobes, umbrellas, reflectors or soft-boxes. Just windows and the lights within the home.

The process I use to edit these photos is to create a hand-made HDR (high-dynamic range) photo within Photoshop. I am presented with anywhere from 1–6 exposures of a specific angle and I blend them into one cohesive, high-quality image. Lots of clicking of the mouse and lots of soft, flowing masks are used within Photoshop. It’s a lot of work and it quickly becomes tedious but it can result in some quality images.

My process only uses two applications: Bridge and Photoshop. I am normally a Lightroom junkie but I find that Bridge allows me greater freedom when organizing the shots that I want and that saves me a lot of time. I simply edit each image in the RAW editor (within Bridge) and then transfer them into Photoshop to do the heavy masking and blending.

I’ve included the unedited exposures that I was given to show what goes into creating the final image. Hit the jump to see some of the goodness that was produced.

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Wandering: 2015.01.06 (Part II)



As promised, here is the second part of the post I began yesterday. These are the photos I felt were the best of the bunch and worthy of their own post. Upon further review of the images there is most definitely a theme of “upward” in this set. Weird and unplanned but whatever. That’s just how I roll. Check ’em out below and let me know which your favorites are from both posts in the comments.

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Wandering: 2015.01.06 (Part I)



After a recent snowfall I had come to realize that I’ve never went out on a winter photo walk while living in Chicago. This seems a bit odd considering it seems like winter is 7 months out of the year but when the cold weather hits and the snow starts falling I really have no desire to go out into the howling winds and low temps once I am warm and cozy. I suppose all photographers feel like that at some point. Anyway, something must have crawled up my butt the other day because I finally ventured out and braved the weather to get some photos.

This is day one of a two-day post of photos from my outing. It’s a lot of the same places I went on my last photo walk during the fall. I wanted to stay close to home and revisit those familiar scenes to see them in a new light. Today’s post features the photos that I liked but didn’t quite “make the cut.” I figured I’d save the best for last and post my set of favorites tomorrow.

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