Vinyl Wednesday: Acid – Acid



Acid is a band I know nothing about but it didn’t stop me from liking their tunes. I received this record in a batch of 80s heavy metal albums that I purchased over a year ago and once I had sorted them all alphabetically, it stood out like a sore thumb right at the front. I had never heard of them and I’ve not seen too much about them since. Maybe just a random album pops up in vinyl collecting groups here and there online. This is no fault of theirs because they kick some serious ass. After listening to every record in that big bunch of records (100+) I kept the ones that really stuck out to me and this was definitely one of them. The artwork is awesome, the logo is cool as hell, the band name is simple and amazing. They also wrote some tasty riffs on top of all that cool imagery. The band has all the makings of a decent 80s metal band. If you want to hear something new (old) that just might knock your socks off then I’d say give this group a shot.

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