Inspiration: Candlefish



I came across some cool work this morning while looking through my RSS feed. Fuzzco designed all sorts of goodies for the Charleston, NC retailer Candlefish. The wonderful pattern on the matchbox was the first thing that got my attention and then I scrolled down and saw the four-fish illustration on a different matchbox. That thing is killer! Check out the full post at The Dieline below.

Candlefish at The Dieline


Vinyl Wednesday: Judas Priest – Screaming For Vengeance



Vinyl Wednesday is back!

This week I have a real doozy too. Some¬†of my favorite album covers of all time are Judas Priest albums that featured some kind of weird illustration and the selection this week doesn’t let down. Screaming For Vengeance is bright, bold and totally kickass. This is mostly a photo post so hit the jump and bask in this album’s glory!

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