2018/19 Update.


It’s been a while since we posted anything on here; mostly because we’ve been busy buying motorcycles, motorcycle parts and just doing general work and life. Jason and Bernie completed Snot Rocket just in time to compete in the street drags in Pontiac, Michigan. That was a super fun weekend and I just realized I never posted anything about it. I bought another Sportster at the end of summer, Nancy bought a sweet 1970s Honda and I got rid of the el Camino (about damn time). I also grabbed an iPad Pro w/ Pencil on sale at the end of January and I’ve been trying to get into some more illustration stuff by using Procreate. I dig that program a lot and it’s lit a fire under my creative juices. I’ll be posting some of that work soon.

I also created some branding for a new YouTube channel and since then I’ve been working on some extra bits and bobs for them. Posters, social media branding, apparel designs and whatnot. All good stuff. On the subject of work, I’ve also been looking for a new role lately. This current position is not tenable for the long-term and I need to get out of there before I get consumed by it. More updates on that later if anything ever develops.

Seriously, it’s been a busy half of a year and I can’t wait for more to come around once Spring hits. I’ll be getting the new bike painted and changed all around. Off with the stock H-D parts and on with some new hotness, just like the other bike I have. Keep your peepers open for some good stuff to come.

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