Vinyl Wednesday: Joe Satriani – Surfing With The Alien



Surfing With The Alien! This is one album that any guitar-nerd will be familiar with. In 1987, Joe Satriani released an album that is as noticeable today as it was when first found on store shelves. The music is fantastic on this release but honestly it’s the artwork that is the most desirable for me. I LOVE this record jacket. Big, bold and colorful with the added element of Marvel comic book characters. What’s not to like?

Like a lot of my collection, I didn’t set out to buy this album but it came into my possession through happenstance. Nancy and I were starting to get into the vinyl game a bit deeper while living in Chicago and we heard of an event that was gathering together some local brick-and-mortar vendors along with home-based sellers. Oh, they also had beer and food available. Yeah, can’t forget that. I went mostly to check out the boxes of tunes but I know Nancy wanted to see what the restaurant was all about.


We hopped on the trains and buses necessary to get us there and while we arrived a little early, there were some tables already set up and people were elbow-deep in boxes. I browsed some crates and wasn’t finding much. I’d say that’s typical because I was already starting to have trouble finding things I really wanted. I’ve always had rather specific tastes and vinyl hasn’t been the easiest hobby to get into because of that. Anyway, after looking through half of the offerings we decided to take a break, grab a sandwich to munch on and sit down. I believe we ordered a pulled pork sandwich from the grill that was stationed outside and it was good. Sadly that’s about all I can say on that subject. I’ve forgotten most of the details of this day at this point. Hell, I can’t even remember the venue this event happened at.




After filling our collective stomach a little I decided to check out the rest of the goodies and then we’d call it a day. A few more tables had popped up by this time and that was good for me. As I made my way back toward the entrance/exit I was looking through a collection that finally had some rock and metal LPs. Right toward the front of a box was this record. It was in decent shape and I decided now was the time to grab it. I checked it over and all seemed well so I gladly parted ways with my cash and I told Nancy of the treasures within. I think we might have walked away with a George Thorogood album that day as well. All in all it was a good way to spend a few hours.



Needless to say, Nancy did not take to this album the way I’d have hoped once we got it home and I slapped it on the turntable. She just isn’t into this type of music and that’s ok. I’m not going to force her into the guitar-god realm of music. I wouldn’t do that to somebody.





Joe Satriani website
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Surfing With The Alien on Wikipedia

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