Vinyl Wednesday: Steel Panther – Balls Out



Just like herpes, Steel Panther never truly goes away and here it is again, ready for round 2 with y’all!

This week’s release is 2011’s Balls Out and this is most definitely my favorite record by them. The sound, the songs and the whole attitude was untouchable. This album was the one that really made me a fan of this band.

The cover of this album is really fantastic. I don’t mean for the hyper-sexualized lady on the front. I like it for all the little touches. The gradient in the band logo is stellar. It’s not too in your face or neon-bright. Just a nice, subtle gradient that complements the overall color palette well. The small touches and tiny details are what get me going. The single fingernail being painted a different color on her “shocker” hand. The ring wear effect that was applied to the cover. The fake price sticker and parental advisory label being worked into the artwork and not just slapped on like a required afterthought. I’ve always wondered why bands don’t incorporate the parental advisory label into their artwork like this more often. Off the top of my head I can only think of Dope doing that for one of their albums. As for the price sticker…well, I think if you look hard enough you’ll find the joke there.




The spine of the album is a no-frills kind of ordeal but I love the pink color. I don’t know if I have any other albums featuring a pink spine so that makes this one nice and easy to find when I want to blast some bitchin’ 80’s-esque metal.


he back of the jacket has that Poison Look What The Cat Dragged In kind of vibe going on. Big band member photos in squares with a tilt applied. I like it. More bright colors, more vintage record jacket effects and we finally get to see our first look at the band for this album. The photos are all typical Steel Panther cheese. The “hard rocker” starts off the group, the over-confident drummer, the sexy, hyper-effeminate bass player is at bottom-right and then we are left with the tough, always amped up guitar player to finish it off. Great stuff all around the horn here.






The gatefold offers up another band photo as well as the lyrics and liner notes for the album. I love this photo of the band. The all look so gross. Too much partying has left Satchel all pooped out while it looks as though the rest could be hitting their second wind. Also, sitting around in your undies for a band photo: priceless.




The lyrics are filled with all the usual hilarious/disgusting/sexual/misogynistic/grotesque you’ve come to know and love from this band. Call it what you will but I say it’s a complete home run. It really helps to be in on the joke though. Those that take it to heart will definitely NOT like this band and this album really hammers that home.


The album is a 2-LP set and each side has a different colored label. Each label also showcases some of that worn-paper look from the rest of the album. Clockwise from top-left: Side A, B, C and D. They all sport the same general elements just with some color changes happening. It’s just another small idea that really helps set this album apart from their other two releases.


I’ve said it multiple times now but I really love this album. It’s has a really thick/heavy sound for this style of metal and all the band members feel on top of their game here. If you were thinking about giving Steel Panther a try based on my write-up of the last album but you just weren’t sure, well now is the time. Start with this album and see how it strikes you. I think you’ll be left as a fan by the time it’s over.

Unfortunately, the only song they made a video for during this album cycle was “If You Really Really Love Me”. It’s not a favorite of mine by any stretch but I like to present actual music videos here when at all possible. Check it out below.

Look out for part three of the Steel Panther unholy trilogy next week!


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