Vinyl Wednesday: Steel Panther – Feel The Steel



Colorful. Brash. Wild. Parody. Vulgar. Sexist.

There are many ways that one can describe Steel Panther. They are truly an honest-to-God love ’em or hate ’em style of band. I love them. Naners hates them. There’s no in-between with a lot of people. I went to see them while living in Chicago and they were awesome. They played all the raunchy jams that I hoped they would and it was full of faux 80s debauchery. It couldn’t have been any better.

I wasn’t always a huge fan of the band though. I remember when Jason (from Kustom Persuasion) would want to play me something from this album and I just couldn’t get into it. I didn’t listen to lyrics. I didn’t listen to the musicality. I just didn’t care. I’m not totally sure why it didn’t initially resonate with me but I eventually caught on. One day the clouds parted and I became enlightened and I will now forever annoy Nancy with their mysical stylings.

Steel Panther are a fantastic throwback to the 80s era of big songs, big hair and big personalities. They gained popularity as a cover band in the LA club scene but then became even better once they started writing their own tunes. This album and its design is completely 1980s. Gross colors, hideous patterns, loads of hair and attitude. Take a look at the cover. I mean, how many 80s hair metal clichés can you point out with this thing? Flames, hair, weird poses, pink colors, logo with bevel/embossing, pretty dudes… You get the idea.




The back cover doesn’t let up with the fantastic cliché abuse. This is also where we begin to see some of the humor that they are known for. The song titles are absolutely ridiculous and the disclaimer at the bottom lays out all you’ll need to know about the contents within.





The inside of the gatefold has some quick, quirky bios of the band members as well as liner notes for the album on the right side. That animal print background is so bad that it’s perfect. There are all kinds of little funny nuggets hidden within the “thank you” section as well.





The vinyl is actually really pretty. It’s got a bit of a purple/lilac color going on and it totally matches the insanity of the outer artwork.




It may have taken me a while to get into this band but when I finally did connect with them I went all-in. As a matter of fact, this is just the first of three posts in a row about Steel Panther. Just a little something to look forward to. Or not. Whatever.

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