Weekend Rides // Columbia & River Road



A couple weekends ago, Ed and I headed out in the morning for a ride and it was pretty much totally a complete failure.


After heading into the city and encountering countless bad drivers, we headed back to the west side to try and find a place to make us a key. No dice.

Luckily, later in the day, we headed back out and found the ride we’d been looking for.


We headed south away from a local mall – I was thinking we’d head through scenic Olmsted Falls, but instead we bypassed that and ended up on a winding, scenic road. We passed cows and ponds and farm cats and blueberries. The road ended in a small town, so we turned around and took the same road back. Little did we know Route 303 was a block away from where we had turned around.


Our last stop was in the parking lot of the mall while we tried to decide on another destination. It ended up being our last stop, but it was worth it (especially for Ed) as we happened on a Viper. The bottled iced tea in the cup holder kind of killed the look for me, honestly, and I’m still not sure how the Best Buy employee could afford such a car. Overall a successful day, though.

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