Vinyl Wednesday: Metallica – “Whiplash”



Bang your head against the stage – Like you never did before – Make it ring, make it bleed – Make it really sore – In a frenzied madness – With your leathers and your spikes – Heads are bobbing all around – It’s hot as hell tonight

Adrenaline starts to flow – You’re thrashing all around – Acting like a maniac – Whiplash

I snagged this record in that big box-o-metal that I bought a while back. I was flipping through the jackets and immediately noticed this and decided that I had to have it. And true to old-Metallica form, I am glad I got it because this little EP is a total monster!

Now, I didn’t happen to get the first pressing but that’s ok. It’s the 1985 reissue and it plays perfectly. Nancy and I have seen this record multiple times at Reckless Records in Chicago but the price was always really high. Like, $50+ kind of high. No thanks to that. Instead, I waited patiently and was eventually rewarded with it here. It’s only 4 tracks but it packs a hell of a wallop and it’s worth every penny spent toward it.

The jacket is wonderfully simple. It mimics the cover of their debut album Kill ‘Em All except it inserts a different photo and uses a completely different font for the title. It’s a pretty weird choice for the typeface, but I kind of dig it. It’s got a fun vibe to it. You should never take Heavy Metal too seriously, after all.

The photo on the front is of James Hetfield and I just love that he’s wearing a Smirnoff shirt. Classic Alcoholica, right there. The only other notable thing on the front is the text in a circle at the top-right corner explaining the contents of the record. Simple design. Can’t beat it.



The back the jacket features the track listing, some live photos of the band and the liner notes. Nothing crazy or inventive. Just a typical Thrash Metal release from 1983/1985.


The photos are pretty wonderful and are perfectly representing Thrash Metal and the early attitude of Metallica. The photos show the band in all their “come into town, drink all the beer, screw all the chicks” glory. Wild, fun and ferocious.



The typeface from the front of the jacket makes an appearance on the back as well. Simple colors are used and no crazy type treatment is needed to get the point across with such minimal information.


The record labels the standard Megaforce label from the early 80’s. I was happy to slide the vinyl out of the jacket and see that silver label with black logo at the top. Classic!

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