Vinyl Wednesday: Aerosmith – Get A Grip



Aerosmith’s 1993 album Get A Grip needs no introduction. This album was beyond huge during the early-mid 90’s. Spawning three of the biggest, most iconic singles of their whole career in “Cryin'”, “Amazing” and “Crazy”, this album totally rocks from front to back and sold over 7 million copies. They also released four more singles from this album (“Livin’ On The Edge”, “Eat The Rich”, “Fever” and “Shut Up And Dance”), all of which are way more fun to listen to than the previous, more popular tracks. At least I suppose I like them better mostly because they weren’t beat into the ground like the other songs. Lots of summer days at the public pool were spent listening to Aerosmith songs onthe radio. Whatever the case, this album is just too damned good to ignore. The real nutty thing is that this is their ELEVENTH ALBUM. Who has an album this good that late into a career? Not many bands, that’s who. Also really crazy is that this album was never pressed and released in the US on the vinyl format. I’m not sure why but since it was selling so many copies with the CD and cassette formats maybe they figured that was enough.

Nancy was a real peach and happened to get me this album as a gift. She had to get on Discogs and order one from Greece. I had been looking for this album forever in Chicago and I never even realized there wasn’t a US pressing until I finally got my own copy. As far as I can tell there isn’t anything that would make this stand out as a European pressing other than the run-out info in the dead wax area and maybe the record label. Check out all the bitchin’ artwork below!

I have always loved this album cover. It just seems so random. Not at all what I would expect or ever think to do. The logo has a hot-branding effect here. Very cool stuff.


The thing that always made me giggle as a kid when seeing this album in stores was the prominence of the cow’s udder/nipple. Totally goofy, oddball shit but it works so well. Also, no animals were harmed in the making of this cover. All photo manipulations, of course.



The back is pretty simple. A cows ass. Fantastic. Check out that chunky, funky typeface too.



The inner sleeves are a thing of beauty here. Classic 90’s rock n’ roll band photo on one sleeve with a weird puppet-creature on the other. I have no clue what’s going on with that thing but it’s super interesting to look at. There are also lyrics and another goofy old-timey photo on the opposite sides of the sleeves.

Click the photo below to see an alternate edit I made. I decided to have a little retro-vintage-analog fun with it.



The photo manipulation here (nose ring/chain) seems very obvious to me now but I never thought twice about it until I became a designer and photographer. Doesn’t make me enjoy it any less though.




The record labels are a the only standard thing about this release. Just a simple black label with the full-color Geffen logo at the top.


This album is my absolute favorite work of Aerosmith. To me, nothing beats it. From the first song to the last, I love them all. I even converted Naners into a fan of it. She really doesn’t dig all too much other Aerosmith outside of the classic singles but this album is a welcomed exception.

My favorite song on the whole album is actually the last track, “Boogie Man”. It’s this total slow-jam blues riff that doesn’t fit in with the album at all but at the same time it totally does. It’s the perfect ending track that brings you down gently and slowly after a fairly high-energy affair.

Get A Grip on Wikipedia

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