Vinyl Wednesday: CKY – Volume 1



For my first Vinyl Wednesday post of 2016 I would like to start off with a simple, no-frills record. CKY’s 1999 album Volume 1. Fairly straight-forward rock tunes with no packaging gimmicks or anything. Just a jacket with a colored vinyl record.

Volume 1 was/is one of my favorite records to come out of the late 1990s alt-rock scene. It’s simple enough to listen to in the background of whatever else you’re doing but also complex and unique enough to really dive into and get lost in. Deron Miller has long been a favorite guitar player of mine and it really all starts with this album. The unique playing and writing style he implements captures my attention in every way and I love this album as it’s easily CKY’s most original and unique album. Weird, quirky rock for the win!


The artwork on this album is really simple. A live photo of the band that has been digitally manipulated (the Threshold effect seems to be generously applied here) with a texture laid in behind it. If I have my CKY history correct I believe it’s just a picture of TV “snow” in the background. I could be mixing some other things up with this though, so don’t take that as gospel. Anyway, the simplicity continues with the logo and title both being set in the Helvetica Black Extended typeface. Like I said, no frills here.




The back of the jacket features more “snow” texture and loads more Helvetica Black Extended. Once again, there isn’t much to the design of this jacket. Along the bottom of the artwork is another stylized photo of a cityscape. I totally failed to take a zoomed out photo of the back of the jacket when I did the rest of the set so the above shots will have to suffice.


As seen in the first images, the record we received is a transparent red with some black smoke. This release is an Urban Outfitters exclusive reissue and they pressed it on all sorts of vinyl colors. I’ve seen some really killer mixes but ours is pretty standard fare. That’s actually OK to me being as the whole set kind of matches this way. The labels follow the same design pattern as the jacket. More fat font, more simplicity. Good stuff for a simple rock band to have.


Overall this package as a whole would probably leave a hardcore vinyl collector with a lot to be desired. For me, it’s just right. On this record the band is stripped down to it’s most basic elements and the record package mirrors that. The design is just fun and odd enough to also feel like it belongs with the music therein. It’s a quality addition to anyone’s collection who even slightly likes CKY. Well worth the $25 we paid for it.

Nancy and I had been looking for this album for quite a while now. Prior to Urban Outfitters making their pressing the only other option has been really expensive picture discs from the original vinyl pressing back in ’99. I don’t love picture discs and I REALLY don’t love paying a lot for a picture disc so that wasn’t really an option for me to purchase. Luckily UO came to the rescue with this pressing and added one of our favorite albums to the collection.

Deron Miller (guitarist/founder of CKY) is also currently in the process of producing his own version of CKY’s Volume 1 on vinyl. It will come with blue artwork and be pressed on yellow and blue vinyl. He also says there will be some bonus tracks and other such goodies. I’ve already pre-ordered and I may just have to do another Vinyl Wednesday of that record to compare the two. His version of Volume 1 can be pre-ordered here: Volume 1 Pre-Order

On a side note, I shot and edited all the photos in this post on my phone in Lightroom. It was super quick and easy but I haven’t quite decided if I love the quality. Some future posts may be done in this fashion and some may feature better quality images taken with my Canon 7D. It’s really a matter of time and feeling like I need to bust out a big camera to capture some cool details.

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