Summer’s Last Stand



A little while back, my mom and I rode out early one morning to get some snaps of the bikes in the wonderful morning glow. It was a nice, warm morning and a great little ride.

Lately it’s been not so great outside. Rain all day today, cloudy most other days. When it is sunny I try to get out and ride. I even ventured into Kent last week to see a friend I haven’t talked with in a LONG time. Good times were had by all. Sadly, it appears that summer has finally come to a close. The days aren’t creeping into the 70’s anymore. I’m feeling lucky if it just slides into the 60’s. It looks like I’ll soon be riding the bike to Clyde for the last time and to ready it for winter work or just storage.

So, in honor of this summer bidding us adieu, I offer up some photos of that warm mornings ride that seems so long ago. At the top of the post is what I took with me that morning on our ride. Helmet, gloves, glasses, camera bag and all that stuff. Not too much but it definitely freaks me out having that much expensive gear on that back of this motorcycle. Anyway, there are a few photos of my mom’s bike but a bunch more of mine since it requires infinitely less retouching. Check ’em out!










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