Moving Back



It’s official. Nancy and I are moving back to Ohio on the 25th of April. We are looking to end up in the Cleveland-area and as of right now we have no place to live. It should be a fun journey and frankly we are both glad to be putting Chicago behind us. I still love parts of the city but I no longer have any desire to live here. I’ve tried it for about 4 years now and we are both ready to just get back to family, friends and driving ourselves around instead of riding buses and trains. I think Nancy feels the same way about a lot of the same, small things. We both want more space and we are just kind of over the living situations here. Time to move on to new adventures!

I was going for a Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies title card kind of vibe with the graphic above. It has a fun, old feel about it so I grunged it up a bit and that was it. Simple, fun stuff. Hit the jump to see a few other options I was working on.



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