Vinyl Wednesday: Poison Idea/Pantera – The Badge



The featured vinyl this week is another choice cut from my 7-Inch Series project: the Poison Idea and Pantera split from Record Store Day 2014. “The Badge” was originally written and recorded by Poison Idea for their 1990 album Feel The Darkness and Pantera covered the song on the 1994 soundtrack to the movie The Crow.

I decided early on that I was going with a police brutality theme for this project. Lots of images of injuries, crowds, blood and violence. Good stuff for a hardcore/metal release. I know that the red coloring of the blood would have made a very powerful statement overall but choosing black and white felt right to me in the end. It also helps the eye move around the design better by not getting caught up on any single image that may stand out.





The interior of the jacket was made to appear like a court document. Since both bands covered the same song I knew I’d be able to display the lyrics in a fun way and this redacted information look didn’t disappoint. I cannibalized a few different images of court documents for elements and inspiration. Others I had to create myself (the Supreme Court seal and lyrics). Once the basic design was in place and the lyrics were typeset I then began blacking out different parts of the lyrics while not actually removing any information. I like the look but still want all the lyrics to be present. I then used the Permanent Press plugin from Mister Retro to give it an old photocopied look.





I also decided to print an alternate jacket for this release. As much as I like the collage style of the front/back above, I also wanted a simpler design. I went with separate large images on both the front and back to achieve this. I used the Nik plugins to give the images a rugged and beaten feel. I also added a bit of motion blur to some of the subjects in the images to help give it a sense of urgency and chaos.



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