Belated Thanks



This Thanksgiving, Ed and I were hermits in Chicago. I still wanted the classic fixings, so I planned out some sides, a pumpkin pie and of course the ol’ turkey. We ate leftovers for three days, I still have way too much cranberry sauce, and I’m pretty sure Ed wants to put french fried onions on everything we make in the future. And I’m pretty much okay with that.

I do have some people I’d like to thank this year even though I’m a few days late on expressing it. A big thank you to the staff, doctors, nurses, etc, at Fairview Hospital for taking such good care of my dad the past two months.


To my sister for being able to multitask like a champ, being an awesome cook, raising an adorable child and remembering CPR. I’ll never be able to thank you enough for that. And to John, thanks for being awesome, keeping me in the loop, and having a fantastic kid.


To my Mom for her calm nature and understanding (and her pumpkin pie recipe), and my Dad for his humor, wit and passion for life.


To Ed for being my rock (and every other cliche in the book), and for making me feel comfortable being who I am, as ridiculous as that person may be. And to Amanda for being an awesome friend and taking such good care of my family.


Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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