Wandering: 2014.08.19 (Part I)



I went out yesterday and spent a good chunk of my morning taking photos downtown. I got to ride the bus with Naners and see her off to work. After that I just started walking towards the lake. It wasn’t a great morning (rained a little) but it quickly took a turn for the better and the sun came out. Thankfully that happened because I hadn’t brought an umbrella and really didn’t want to get stuck away from a train or bus in pouring rain with my gear. Anyway, I ended up walking all the way from Willis Tower to Adler Planetarium (about 2.6 miles with my route) and I just sat there enjoying the scenery and people watching. After I’d had enough of that scene I walked back downtown (another 2.7 mile route) and I snagged a train home after a quick visit to Central Camera. It ended up being a good morning and it yielded some decent photos. Hit the jump to see some and check back tomorrow for the other half of photos.








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