The Future?



These guys (Left-Colin Kaepernick and Right-Cam Newton) are supposed to be the future of the NFL. That is disappointing. Sure,they may be decent athletes and they may even one day win a championship but seriously? Look at these goons. I’ve had this image on my desktop for months and I wanted to blog about it but I never knew what to say. Here it goes:

These guys look stupid. Apparently all the money in the world can’t buy some mirrors so that you don’t go out into the world looking like this. I get that they’re young and they are trying to be be hip but it’s just not working. Maybe this ranks up there with Joe Namath’s odd fashion choices back in his day, I can’t say quite yet. I do know that I could be much harsher but I’ll just leave it like that. You can make up your own commentary for the ridiculousness that is above.


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