Vinyl Wednesday: Judas Priest – Screaming For Vengeance



Vinyl Wednesday is back!

This week I have a real doozy too. Some of my favorite album covers of all time are Judas Priest albums that featured some kind of weird illustration and the selection this week doesn’t let down. Screaming For Vengeance is bright, bold and totally kickass. This is mostly a photo post so hit the jump and bask in this album’s glory!

The front cover illustration is full of all sorts of awesome shapes, lines and detail. Doug Johnson is responsible for this beauty (you can see his name on the front, bottom-right corner) and this is so bitchin’ we actually have it hanging on our wall right now. Naners probably doesn’t love it like I do but she relents and let’s me hang it anyway because she is a cool gal.





The back cover is super simplistic. The illustration comes over from the front and it features the song titles in a totally groovy typeface. Odd choice but somehow it works. The back also features a little line of text at the bottom of the jacket and the record label logo. Very minimal. Very sweet.



The inserts that came with the record were luckily still present and accounted for. It features a black & white picture/lyric sleeve and also the original merch order form! How cool is that? Someone was a total nerd like me and just left it in there to preserve it instead of jumping on all the great deals for killer Judas Priest merch.




The record label is just red with yellow/black writing. It’s really nothing to get excited about. Although, my version has a factory error. Mine actually has two Side-2 labels instead of a Side-1 and 2. It was very weird when I first opened it up and set it on the turntable but then I realized I just have a cool copy that maybe not a lot of other people have.

In lieu of having images of the weird record label you can just check out this killer live video of Halford and the boys slaying a crowd with The Hellion/Electric Eye.


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