Maybe a year ago, Ed and I were having dinner with a friend and discussing the long list of movies that Steve Buscemi has been in. I’m not sure how this came up exactly, but amid our conversation I mentioned having a month dedicated to watching his catalog of work. It was winter, I’m pretty sure January, and the first thing that came to mind was Buscebuary. It took a year before Ed realized how foolish that would be when May works so much better. Plus I had dropped the ‘r’ in February.

I’m glad his realization gave us more time to plan everything out, although we’d intended to pair food with our viewings as well originally. That may end up occurring at random, though I’m definitely having White Russians at the end of the month. The calendar isn’t strict, either, but is a nice guide to the awesome selection there is to be had.

Some of our selections are personal classics — Ed used to listen to The Big Lebowski while he worked — and some we’ve never seen. I’m excited to re-watch some of my favorite characters (Lenny on 30 Rock), quote some fantastic lines (“Phone’s ringing, dude”) and view some new-to-me movies as well. Join us, won’t you?

Larger, printable (8Hx16W) PDF version of the calendar here: BusceMay Calendar


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