Friday Favorites: You Lookin’ At Me?



Pigeons are nasty. I am aware of this. The poop, the skanky feathers, the general walking around all day in filth. It’s gross. But for some reason I LOVE looking at them. I don’t want to keep any or race them or something like that. I just really enjoy watching them walk about, giving weird looks to things and just be odd birds.

This photo came about as I was walking around the city one morning (same morning as the other two Friday Favorites photos) and while waiting for the sun to peek through some buildings I noticed this little gathering of pigeons on a slab of concrete by the river. I managed to snap a few photos of them before they became completely disinterested in anything I had to offer them, which was absolutely nothing, and we both moved on.

The reason I like this photo is the look on their faces. It’s not just the bird in the foreground that I love. The one right behind it is also looking towards me, and I like to believe it’s like a big brother and it’s watching the other guy’s back. Then dropping back further into the frame is some other bird not even aware of my presence and finally a fourth bird standing guard in the distant background. I look at this and see a group of friends that are just hanging out, giving passersby the stink-eye and then laughing about it afterward.

The photo was meant to be a quick snapshot and not even something I looked at ever again but it quickly became one of my favorite photos from this city.

You Lookin’ At Me? on Empty Seats

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