Friday Favorites: Glass and Steel



About Friday Favorites: The intention for these Friday posts will be to showcase a photo, video, song or something and to give a little story behind it, why I like it or why I feel it is meaningful. Photos will likely come from my Empty Seats photoblog so that I am able to provide a better understanding and more detailed story behind each image.

The first photo I’d like to showcase is probably my favorite photo that I’ve taken in the last 3 years. Maybe not the most meaningful, it surely hasn’t made me any money and it doesn’t tell a story at all but it’s definitely my favorite.

The story behind this photo is actually very mundane. I was out early one morning in downtown Chicago, IL taking some photos for a freelance client and I simply turned around, pointed my camera upward and took a photo of my favorite building in the city. No excitement, no drama and I certainly wasn’t trying to create something spectacular. Hell, I had no intention of spending a lot of time even editing the image and it was purely for me to enjoy. In fact, when I did edit it only saved it in a low-res format for the photo blog. I had to re-edit it later on to get a high-res version for print. I feel I lost a little bit of what I like about this version but that’s a sob story for another day. What I  do like about this photo, regardless of when it was edited is all the detail and lines that it contains. I am a very rigid person and things always have to be in their “rightful” place and that’s what this image is to me. I absolutely love the tones, I love the windows and I just really enjoy looking at the contrast of the overall image. At first glance it’s really simple and it appears to just be a bunch of lines but then I get all caught up in the detail of it and I like it all over again. It may not do that at all for anyone else but I am a weird guy and that’s why I like this photograph.

See “Glass and Steel” on Empty Seats

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