Working Hard



I have been thinking about different posts I wanted to do for this blog and one that keeps popping back up in my head is Vinyl Wednesdays. If you followed my old blog you may remember I wrote a few of these posts before. I would take a favorite record of mine and talk about how the artwork and the music worked together to create a cohesive product. It’s a fun post to do because I love music and I love design. Simple as that. Anything that can get me talking about my favorite tunes and design is always welcome. The drawbacks to those posts were that I always struggled with writing them (they took a long time to write and edit) and the photos I took were always kind of crappy. I never felt that I did these posts justice and just kind of gave up on them.

I am hoping to bring this feature back and have it be better than ever. I also hope to have them be a more consistent feature. Maybe they won’t all deal with design. I may just talk about what the album means to me or just tell you about how I got turned on to that specific band. I like to change it up on y’all. We’ll see how good at keeping this promise that I can be.

Anyway, up above is a little design/illustration I worked up tonight to go along with the Vinyl Wednesday feature. It’s a little Josef Muller-Brockmann-ish and that is perfectly fine with me. The simplicity is what I liked about it. Look for that thing a little more around here soon.


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