Vinyl Wednesday: Instagram Photos



Nothing long today. Just some photos of vinyl that I’ve taken and posted to Instagram over the years. I believe most of these are from December of 2015 until today. Loads of other vinyl photos I’ve taken are stored somewhere else right now so these were the ones I chose. As you can see there are lots of Metal releases. I love me some Heavy Metal… and Bone Thugs. Can’t forget the Bone Thugs.

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Splitting Cells



I’m sitting at work and trying to create a logo for a school of Science & Health. This one has me stuck in a huge rut. I’m working on icons and elements to utilize and I happened to create a quick/simple/neat little graphic of some cells splitting. It doesn’t work for what I need but I found it nice enough to use play with and give my brain a break.

It’s got a bit of a scan-torn look going on. Takes me back to college and all the crappy tests we had to endure. It also screams America with all of that red, white and blue. GO USA!!!

Vinyl Wednesday: May 2016 Pre-orders



We are super busy with our upcoming move and I am still trying to get through the giant box of records I bought a while back but that doesn’t stop me from buying new tunes as well. Above is the artwork for 3 albums I had to plunk down some money for. Hit the jump to check out some details about the albums, hear some music from each release and find links to purchase these fine tunes.

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Green with Envy


Steak & Bleu Cheese and Kale & Quinoa
Steak & Bleu Cheese Salad with Blueberry Balsamic Dressing // Baby Kale and Quinoa Salad with Dates, Avocado and Citrus Hibiscus Vinaigrette

I’m looking forward to eating healthy, getting back on track, and for some reason that means I’m craving salads. I see photos of them in magazines: fancy and piled high, totally posed, and I actually pause to stare at them.

They look so fresh and crisp and after piles of saltines and heaps of oatmeal a refreshingly bright plate of greens smothered in toppings is making me salivate.

I’m craving other things: summer rolls, corn salsa, corn chips, pizza, grilled pizza, grilled everything — but for some reason raw vegetables are calling my name the loudest right now.

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