Vinyl Wednesday: Static-X – Wisconsin Death Trip




Static-X’s 1999 album Wisconsin Death Trip is one of my all-time favorite nu-metal albums and it’s finally on vinyl courtesy of Music on Vinyl. If you aren’t really familiar with this album then you should be. Chances are that you’ve heard the song or seen the video for “Push It” but you don’t know who made the song. Characterized as “Evil Disco” by the band’s frontman Wayne Static, this album is equal parts weird, melodic, fast and heavy. I dig it the most.

I have two pretty good memories of this album. The first is from the winter of ’99. My main man T-Bubbs got the CD from his parents for Christmas. We listened to it a whole lot that winter. Lots of days and nights just sitting in the upstairs of his house cranking the CD to the max. I liked it so much I even ended up going out and buying the digipack single for “Push It”. CD singles. Ha! What a relic of past times (for most people). The second memory I have of Static-X is seeing them live at Ozzfest 2007. T-Bubbs is actually present in this story as well. Weird. Anyway, we weren’t expecting much out of Static-X in a live setting but we were completely blown away with how fantastic they sounded. I don’t know if it was just the perfect day/setting for them but it was awesome. Lots of energy, HUGE thumping bass and lots of Wayne Static bobbing his head back and forth while playing guitar and singing. A very fond memory of simpler times.

Sadly, Static-X fell apart in 2009, was reformed in 2012 and then frontman Wayne Static died in 2014. No more Static-X. That’s a real bummer for me. I always looked forward to whatever they were putting out. It may not have always been as fun, unique or good as their first few albums but I did still enjoy it.

Now, onto the artwork. The art contained in this release looks like the 90’s action-sports culture. Picture skateboarding/BMX/snowboarding graphics in your mind and this album fits right in with it. I swear it’s like looking through a CCS, Mongoose Bikes and any other outlying-sport’s catalog. I love it. Big, bold colors and type. Lots of texture. Odd photo treatments. It perfectly fits the band and the times.

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Vinyl Wednesday: Christian Mistress – To Your Death



Christian Mistress is another band that I wasn’t very familiar with before actually receiving the album (just like Terror from last week). This album came in a 5-LP grab bag from Relapse Records that I ordered hoping to get lucky with. Well, I got what I wished for with this album.

Christian Mistress is a kind of old-school heavy metal band with a female singer. Full disclosure: I HATE female singers in bands most of the time. I just can’t get into it. I’m not knocking them and I think they have every right to be in the genre, I just don’t dig it. There are exceptions though, and this is one of them.

I had heard of this band from magazines and online sources but since I wasn’t already a fan I never really gave it any thought. Hell, I had probably seen this album advertised on Relapse’s website loads of times and thought, “That’s a cool album cover. I wonder if I’d like it.” but I never did anything about it. Shame on me. Cool tunes abound with this album. Also, it’s on silver vinyl as a part of Relapse’s 25th Anniversary!

To Your Death is an explosive riff machine. Real good tunes here. It has a bit of a raw sound (think Judas Priest late-70’s material) but it’s real clean and palatable. It rides the line between sounding like a demo from a modern band and a super-produced album from the 70’s. Totally cool stuff.

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Vinyl Wednesday: Terror – Legion of Gore




This is a pretty cool pick for Vinyl Wednesday. Terror, the Cleveland-based death/thrash metal band (not the LA-based hardcore band) comes out with a total rager at the end of 2015. Legion of Gore is a whopping 2 songs but they are totally killer. Re-recorded versions of demos that are 27 years old. Tell me, how can you beat that? I picked this up after seeing a post online from the fella who did backing vocals and I decided to give it a shot. I had heard of them but never listened to any of their tunes. I am now sad it’s taken me so long.

The artwork on the front cover is a painting by Antichrist Kramer entitled “Sanguimantic Heir To The Walachian Throne”. Yeah. How’s that for some weird shit? There is a pretty cool type treatment on the back jacket to check out too.

The vinyl is listed as Red & Black marble but it’s really a “merge” pressing. Not sure why the mix up.

Anyway, give it a look-see and then go out a buy your copy as quick as possible.

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Vinyl Wednesday: CKY – Volume 1



For my first Vinyl Wednesday post of 2016 I would like to start off with a simple, no-frills record. CKY’s 1999 album Volume 1. Fairly straight-forward rock tunes with no packaging gimmicks or anything. Just a jacket with a colored vinyl record.

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It’s been a long few months for me. I started a new, full-time job on November 2 of last year. Couple that with the holidays and there hasn’t been much time to post to the blog or design fun things or photographing oddball shit. Hopefully that can change now that things are calming down.

Anyway, the above image was created during my first week at my job. I wasn’t really busy at the time and I had a really old sketchbook with me so I decided to vectorize some old designs I had laying around. I remember these being created during my internship at Todd T Designs in the summer of 2009. I was either on the train, sitting around the house or staring out the large windows of the office when making these weird ornamental things. I have a few pages filled up with different variations. All cool and flowing. When I saw them again in the sketchbook I decided there was no better time than the present to sit and actually draw them out digitally.

I took some photos with my phone, emailed them to myself and pulled them into Illustrator. It wasn’t an overly complicated process to create them, just kind of time consuming and I’m still not totally happy with the larger curves. Not quite perfect for me. Whatever though. I then grabbed some paper textures and a quick Wikipedia definition of “ornament” and slapped this little design together.

Quick and dirty. Just the way I like it. Ha! Hopefully some new small projects or photos will be coming your way soon. I’d also like to get back to doing the vinyl posts. Lots of newer goodies to share with the world. Keep checking back for more fun.