Car Show (Reprise)



Nancy and I hit the Upper Sandusky Car Show HARD last weekend. Real hard. Like 4 hours of non-stop walking and taking photos of cars. Real tiring shit, actually. We rode up there with my mom and her buddy Garry (who also helps me with my bike fixin’)  in his old 51(?) Chevy. Cool car. Not fancy at all. We rolled in like ballers anyway though. Ha!

I took a whole buttload of photos and above is just a quick sampling. Lots of detail shots here. This car show was packed TIGHT. Not much room for full-car shots with the 50mm strapped into my camera.

We got there at around 2pm and we were the 673rd car registered. They just kept coming too. I’d say a safe bet was between 700-750 cars showed up before we left. Expect a few posts of images from the show over the next few weeks. Maybe I’ll edit them quickly and post them sooner. I doubt that though.

Rose & Jay’s Big Day Out



I said a little while back that I was working on a set of engagement photos for my cousin and her dude. Well, I recently finished editing/retouching them and I’ve decided to share a bit of my favorites with y’all here. I had never done a photo session like this before but it was a fun time and I think we came out with a bunch of good shots for them to use. My personal favorite is the one with them sitting on the steps. Totally bitchin’ stuff. Check ’em out, yo!

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Morning Glory




I was able to squeeze in a little photo editing on some bikes yesterday in between editing engagement photos and working on some design projects. Good stuff fo sho. I spent a fair amount of time on that Harley image to get it looking just how I wanted. Real sexy stuff. It makes me realize I need some chrome or gloss paint on my bike.

More to come once I get a bit more free time.

In Editing Mode



Last weekend I went out and spent a few hours taking engagement photos for my cousin and her dude. Very hot, very sunny and always a good time. I have been spending the last two days hunkered down in front of Lightroom in editing mode. Expect a set of photos soon.

By the way, the pooping photo was my idea. Go figure. Gotta make these kinds of sessions fun somehow, right?

Cleveland is the city where we come from…



In honor of Naners and I moving back to Cleveland, I had some inspiration yesterday and decided to make a little graphic. Nothing crazy here, just a little fun in Illustrator and Photoshop in between editing sets of photos.

I’m not quite sure where I got the initial inspiration from but I do remember seeing something similar to the basketball graphic and then I felt like creating something.


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Lakewood Car Kulture Show 2015



Naners and I hit up the Lakewood Car Kulture Show last weekend. Lots of good cars, sexy bikes and crusty people. It was a decent show but we got there around 3pm and the cars were already starting to roll out. There was not a cloud in the sky so I have no clue why these guys felt the need to get out of there so quickly. Also, it apparently shuts down at 5pm. Not cool. I don’t know if I’ve ever been to a car show that ended that early. Oh well. It was still packed with lots of good visual treats to take in. Hit the jump and check out a bunch of photos from the day.

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